Four Stages of Life & Learning

At Beyond 12 Steps Healing Centre we build your treatment program around your own individual situation.

We assist and support you on your path of wellness. Overcoming “Hurdles, Hurts and Hopes” will become part of your future. All journeys we have been on are what makes us who we are today and tomorrow. Whether you are experiencing a lifetime of addiction or a brief period of addiction, your life needs change and focus to set you up for a lifetime of success.

Group programs, workshops and the willingness to overcome will bring you to a level of success in your journey to recovery.

Our Program is structured into 4 different quadrants: 

Physical represents the the whole individuals body. Each individual usually has much work to do and may live on the verge of burnout, not taking time to rest and rejuvenate their physical body. Whether it be physical activities or creative hobbies, people are better able to cope with work and stress having had a break from the current situations. Frequent active leisure helps promote a healthy individual. An active parasympathetic system helps to better recovery from stress and threat.

The Mental quadrant represents mind & learning. We need realistic positive self-talk . We will help you kick-start your brain. Do new things. Being able to rejuvenate and bounce back from all the mental stresses is equally important to ones whole being. Reading, writing and learning techniques stimulates the mind and enthusiasm for a healthy life. Prolonged depression can be debilitating and take a toll on a persons well-being. This is caused by a number of factors usually involving trauma. If this goes on untreated this can destroy or seriously impact ones life. The feeling of hopelessness, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia or over-sleeping,loss of interest/pleasure in everyday activities and difficulty concentrating are not unusual in depression. People then tend to start isolating,feeling as though they are carrying this burden all alone. All this is treatable.

Frequent positive emotions and high-quality connections have strong impacts on energy, health, resourcefulness and openness to new ideas. We will strive to provide lasting recovery for you. We communicate very complex information in an interesting and easy to understand manor. With all the workshops and programming you will receive at Beyond 12 Steps Healing Centre and the aftercare available, you will have learned that recovery is possible. We need to make positive social and meaningful connections with others.

When one looses their purpose in life, their value and awareness and insight to a happy life go by the wayside. Spirituality brings greater joy, and tolerance for the inevitable obstacles that life may present. We are unable to function at our highest level and explore our deepest meaning if we lack spirituality in our lives. Spirituality comes through meditation, music, art, prayer or service. Each of us need to find our own comfort zone in this and this is something that only ourselves discover the level we wish to be at. We are working with you to maintain a calmer spirit. Do what you love and put a dent in the universe.

Other situations may include:

Relationship trauma - trauma within an intimate relationship

Love Addiction - a often painful, compulsive and addictive disorder that becomes an obsession. This has a negative impact on both parties

Love Avoidance - one stays guarded, refuses or is unable to show love for fear of getting hurt.

Emotional trauma can stem from a single event or series repeated over a period of time, Individuals suffer frightening and painful emotions and are overwhelmed. Childhood trauma is long-lasting, deep and sometimes devastating.

Grief and loss in relationships, addiction, low self-esteem

PTSD - anxiety disorder that comes from life-threatening events or psychological trauma. Sudden and unprovoked, disturbing memory flashbacks and repeated nightmares.

At Beyond 12 Healing Centre we believe your journey of recovery continues long after finishing the rehab program. Aftercare support is of essential importance to the recovery process, therefore we provide access for our clients by offering 4 - once a week sessions after within 30 days following discharge.  

Beyond 12 Treatment Centre Four Stages of Life & Learning