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BC Addictions Treatment Programs


30 Day Program   $10,500 + Tax 

42 Day Program    $14,500 + Tax

We highly recommend our 42 day program.  This helps a person get through the first initial rough week and still have a good substantial time left to work on all the things in the following days. 

Each Additional Two Weeks $2500 + Tax


A Hint of Recovery Two Week Program    $3750 + Tax

We are now offering ” A Hint of Recovery”

Two weeks of our program will provide awareness  and will help enlighten your mind and give you hope for the future.

If time is sensitive in your situation then this is a  sample of some of the effective tools  one learns in our program to help you start your recovery.

If you are feeling that you may need a small bit of insight  into the recovery world, then this may be a taste of what you need.

This two week period will enable you to see and learn first hand the effectiveness of  treatment within a setting with others on the same journey as you are.



R & R ( Reset & Restart) Program $1500 + Tax  for one week or two weeks for $2500 + Tax 

This may be an option for clients that still need some form of recovery, but at a less hands on approach.)This enables the individual to experience some freedom and space to step out while also being very supported by the team that has worked so closely with them.


Stepping Out Program (May be an option  for a  Client  having completed Two Months of Program )   $1500.00 per month 


Drug and Alcohol treatment can be expensive.  At Beyond 12 Steps Healing Centre, we believe that if you are ready to change your life, treatment should not be withheld because you cannot afford the full cost upfront.  Flexible financing is available on an individualized basis to suit many peoples needs.  We feel that your focus should be on healing, not “How do I pay for all of this.”  If the ability to pay is keeping you from getting treatment please contact us today to discuss your options.


Our intense residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs involve both group therapy and one-on-one therapy with our Counsellors as well as Educational Workshops on all areas of addiction. We include many of the principles of SMART Recovery in our program. We have a Fitness Program, Yoga classes, and Art Therapy. (Click on the links above to learn more). All treatment programs include aftercare support.  We provide transportation to and from Kelowna International Airport (YLW) for clients travelling by air.


We require a $1000.00 non refundable deposit upon acceptance to our program.  All deposits then form part of the total costs.  All fees are non refundable, however they may be used as a credit for up to a one year from deposit date.