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PATRICIA M. PIKE - Addiction Specialist, Certificate Intervention Professional

BC Drug and Alcohol Interventions

Ms. Pike has had the opportunity to work internationally, supporting individuals and families, dealing with an array of challenges in the addiction, recovery and mental health services in such capacities as: Executive Director, Professional Consultant, Addiction Specialist, Family Interventionist, Behavioral Therapist, and Family Consultant & Educator. Ms. Pike has worked in a wide range of treatment modalities that includes; Inpatient & Outpatient Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Programs, Community Based Medical Model Treatment programs, College of Physician & Surgeons, educating new addiction doctors on various topics related to substance abuse issues. She has been in private practice for over 12 years in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Vancouver, British Columbia as well as  providing intervention trainings throughout Canada & the United States.

PATRICIA M. PIKE – Addiction Specialist, Certificate Intervention Professional

  • I.C.A.D.C, International Certification in Alcohol & Drug Counseling
  • CAADC II, Member of California Certification Board of Alcohol & Drug Counselors
  • LAADC, License Advance Alcohol & Drug Counselor
  • CIP, Certification Board Interventionist (CIP)
  • AIS, Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS)
  • NII, Network of Independent Interventionists
  • AID, Adult Instructor Diploma (AID) BC, Canada
  • NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals Educator
  • 22 Years, working in Addiction, Behavioral & Mental Health Field

Patricia holds a Masters level certification in Addiction Studies LAADC and is a CAADC II – in the state of California, I.C.A.D.C International Certification and Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) both in the United States and Canada. In the last year, Patricia facilitates comprehensive intervention trainings both in Canada & the United States and is approved education provider by NAADAC (National Association of Alcoholism Counselors). Ms. Pike moved to California 9 years ago and has had the privilege of working both in Canada and the United States for over two decades in the field of alcohol and other drugs, mental health, addiction interventions and cultural diversity using “Evidence Best Practice Treatment” approaches.

Patricia believes in many approaches and treatment modalities such as the; “Solution Focus”, “The Model of Change”, “Narrative Therapy”, “Motivational Interviewing”, “Disease Model”, “Attachment Theory”, “Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)”” Surprise & Family Systemic Intervention approach” and goal direction towards treating the whole family. She is personally inspired by the “Disease Model”, “David Pavlus”, “Louise Cooksey”, “Peter Levine”, “Gabor Mate”, “Pia Melody”, and “Claudia Black’s” research & work in the field of healing for families and addicted persons recover.

Ms. Pike has a passion to advocate for addicted persons and support families in identifying the untreated problems within the family system, involving all family members, using family consulting, assessment & family treatment planning, and building on a foundation of recovery resources to break through the cycle of denial and promote healing for the whole family. Patricia’s experience of working in this model has been a proven practical treatment approach with a success rate of 92%  that includes working with all age groups and persons from all walks of life. She has helped thousands of men, women and youth recover from addiction to alcohol and drugs, eating disorders, complex disorders, and gambling, sex addictions.

Ms. Pike draws her skills from her background of education and studies in the field of addiction and mental health services, 21 years of professional work experience and her own personal experience of over 23 years in recovery. Patricia holds citizenship in both the U.S. and Canada which gives her a diverse perspectives working in both a social health care system, and the U.S. health systems. She has a clear understanding of the resources available in both countries and is very passionate as a high caliber interventionist in Canada and the US.

Patricia is highly intuitive and motivated with a strong passion for supporting families and addicted persons using “Love First Approached” to find solutions and promote healing and recovery. Patricia’s extensive knowledge, professional work experience and education gives her a wide knowledge base, making referrals to various treatment modalities for her clients. In the past year, Ms. Pike is now an “Intervention Educator”, facilitating intervention trainings & workshops for other professionals internationally, to enrich and inspire the behavioral health community and raise the bar of the quality of treatment for those struggling with addiction and mental health challenges.

Patricia is very passionate and hands on with each case, and creates plans that can work for families and /or individuals with the flexibility to fit the needs of the addicted individual and their family. She has great compassion in helping clients and their families get their lives back on track to live an authentic life of purpose and dignity.

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