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Beyond 12 Steps provides custom addictions treatment.


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Canada Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centre

Beyond 12 Steps Healing is a Drug and Alcohol rehab treatment centre.  A private addictions program welcoming clients from throughout Canada and the US.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation programs are designed and take into consideration the needs of each individual which may or may not include the traditional 12 Step program, based on each clients preference.

Our non 12-step rehab centre located near Salmon Arm, BC, Canada,  specializes in drug and alcohol addiction, PTSD & trauma. For a private consultation call us toll free at 1-844-833-0563.

Our Beyond 12 Steps program is non-12 step with an emphasis on personally meaningful recovery.


Our name perfectly describes the foundation of the program at Beyond 12 Steps Healing Centre. We recognize that the 12 Steps can be an important part of recovery from addictions so if desired, we do offer 12 Step counseling and support including step work and sponsorship.

However, the main body of our program goes far beyond the 12 Steps. Here is where the four quadrants and the four stages of life & learning programs takes place.  We include regular one-on-one counselling, group therapy, educational workshops on all facets of addiction, and SMART Recovery.

Whether you have a problem with alcohol addiction, opiate addiction, or any other harmful substance our rehabilitation programs are designed to help you heal and live a life free of addictions. We provide addictions treatment for both men and women.

At Beyond Twelve Steps Healing Centre,  we help clients through all phases of the recovery process.  Our goal for each client is life long sustainable recovery. Meaning Centred Therapy is the basis of our program.

Beyond 12 provides aftercare – 4 sessions once a week for 30 days after discharge, to ensure that our clients transition back into the community in a productive and meaningful manner.

Everyone has different needs that come from different circumstances and our programs are designed to fix the root of each clients addiction problem, no matter what phase or state they are in.

Our focus is to help people learn to be free from the grips of addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation – Beyond 12 Steps Healing Services Include:

Full Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation, Relapse Prevention, CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Grief Counselling, Trauma Counselling, Family Program, Smart Recovery, One on one emotional support, Life skills education, Recovery integration, Wellness training / Fitness, and Meditation.   
Yoga / Acupuncture / Massage Therapy and Chiropractor appointments available at additional costs.

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