Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Is intervention necessary?

The subject of intervention does show up in cases where the individual is obviously struggling yet does not see the need for help. As a family member, you may be at a loss, not knowing what to do. Many will advise on actions you can do. However, it is important to realize that some of these options may do more harm than good.
Most people are not informed well enough on what exactly is an intervention service. Susan Chubbs, a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist with Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, knows all too well the importance of intervention services. As stated in her article, “Someone’s addiction is ruining your life.”

“Can you learn to deal with a person’s addiction? Yes, you can. Most private treatment centres have people available to help others understand substance abuse. They know what motivates the substance abuser and what triggers the relapses, and more. They can help families find solutions through different means, and the importance of intervention will never be overstated. A well-orchestrated intervention will save a life. Call, get help!”

She states the vital importance to call upon this service, especially when your loved one is either unwilling or unable to see the need to stop their destructive actions. To help, a family must consider the intervention process as a solution to the problem. These professionals in the field of addiction, called Interventionist, will make the difference. Caring people such as Jan Demers, head Interventionist at Beyond 12-step Healing Centre.
We strongly recommend anyone needing help with a loved one pushing everyone and everything away to ask about intervention services. From our experience, it is a highly vital step in recovery for families in these circumstances. In many cases, doing an intervention will cure sleepless nights and save many from overdose deaths.

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