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Non 12-Step Approach

Beyond 12 Steps Healing Centre Approach

Beyond 12 goes by the philosophy that everyones’ recovery is different. We go by the Bio/Psycho/Social model. Bio is the biology of the brain and body that has an impact on addiction. This would involve Educational Workshops on Drugs and Alcohol, and their impact on the brain and body. Psycho is the psychology of an individual. This would involve one-on-one and group counselling. Social is the socio-cultural impacts on addiction in terms of upbringing and cultural aspects affecting addiction.  If one so chooses to follow the 12 Steps, we will most definitely accommodate this into the individualized treatment plan.

Beyond 12 also heavily emphasizes meaning and purpose in life. Our Meaning Centred Therapy model greatly helps clients make sense of their lives and gives them the inspiration for the future in terms of goals and motivation.